Wind deep dive workshop at the Asia Clean Energy Forum, ADB, Manila

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Pramod organized a day-long Quantum Leap in Wind deep dive workshop on June 6, 2016 at ADB headquarters in Manila, the Philippines.  The theme was Accelerating Deployments in Emerging Wind Markets.  More than 150 participants attended the workshop.  http://www.asiacleanenergyforum.org/agenda/pre-forum-activities-2016/day...


Tariff for Wind and Rooftop Solar PV report released

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Wind and Rooftop Solar PV tariff work was initiated in response to a request from the Government of Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) to develop a new tariff regime for wind power and explore the possibility of a solar PV rooftop program in Indonesia. This report is based on analysis and stakeholder consultations conducted from October 2014 to February 2015.  

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RE tariff for Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

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Pramod Jain is a consultant on ADB's technical assistance on determining tariff for wind energy and rooftop solar.  Activities include: Recommend tariff and incentives for wind energy and solar PV rooftop for both utility- and small-scale; conduct consultations with all stakeholders including government, developers, utility and others; advice on scaling up renewable energy; tradeoff of various sources of renewable energy.

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Promotion of Utility Scale Renewable Energy Applications

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At the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2014, Pramod Jain was a panelist on June 18 in the "Promotion of Utility Scale Renewable Energy Applications" session.  He spoke about challenges of developing economically viable utility-scale wind projects in new and emerging wind markets.  Experiences from Quantum Leap in Wind Power in Asia and the Pacific were presented.

International Finance Corp/World Bank Presentation

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Presentation on "Experiences from the Emerging Wind Energy Markets."  In the emerging wind energy markets there is a strong desire to move to clean energy solutions, but a variety of challenges have slowed progress.  Asian Development Bank’s Quantum Leap in Wind Power Development for Asia and the Pacific (ADB/QLW) program has been working in Mongolia, Philippines and Sri Lanka for about five years.