About IWE

Innovative Wind Energy, Inc. (IWE) is a wind energy consulting company focused on all aspects of wind project design.  Services range from Prospecting, Wind Resource Assessment, Wind Measurement, Siting, Project Engineering, and Financial Assessment.

IWE has consulted on wind and wind/solar/diesel projects in US, Caribbean, Mexico, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.  IWE's clients (direct contractor or subcontractor) include Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Programme, US Agency for International Development, US Trade Development Agency, US Department of Energy, and private sector developers.

Primary areas of expertise include:

  • Wind measurement and wind resource assessment
  • Prospecting for sites for wind projects
  • Grid integration studies for interconnecting wind and solar projects
  • Wind energy engineering
  • Wind energy policy

Pramod Jain, Ph.D.

Founder and president, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Pramod is a recognized expert in the field of wind resource assessment and has an in depth knowledge of all aspects of wind energy projects. He has written a book on Wind Energy Engineering, with publisher McGraw Hill, New York.  He is currently consulting on large wind farm projects in the US, the Caribbean and South-east Asia.

Pramod has worked with a variety of clients.  Past and current clients include, Fortune 100 companies, Utilities, Municipalities, Schools, Land developers, and Multi-lateral financial institutions. In these projects he was responsible for taking a wind project from concept to pre-construction--Prospecting, wind measurement, detailed assessment, financial modeling, and detailed wind project design for numerous large wind projects.

Pramod has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley and B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Andre Susanto

Consultant, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Andre has been recently involved in the project development of over 35MW of solar PV projects throughout Indonesia.  In the past he has designed, built, inspected and audited over 200 solar PV sites including microgrid systems.  With these projects Andre is heavily involved with the technical aspects as well as the due dilligence work and data-driven financial modeling.  Beyond technical work with renewable energy, Andre has also been involved with assisting the Indonesian government develop the regulations related to support mechanisms for renewable energy.  He has also advised on renewable energy subsidy government decisions, developed various components of and energy resiliency fund and provided financial modeling tools and policy advice to Indonesia's Renewable Energy Directorate General.  Andre received his Mechanical Engineering and Physics degree from Portand State University in Oregon.

Craig White

Consultant, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Craig is responsible for permitting, land lease agreements, utility interconnections, and provides met-tower installation services. At present, Craig is developing a 100MW wind farm in Nebraska. He has worked with county, state and federal officers for permitting; utilities, brokers, and engineers for interconnection agreements; land owners and community groups for land lease agreements; and attorneys for PPA and other necessary legal work.  Craig has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering.

Tim Printy

Consultant, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Tim possesses expertise in the area of wind turbine foundation design, installation, inspection, damage survey, diagnosis, restoration and site management. He was the overall project manager for installation of utility scale wind projects for a school campus and a municipality in Illinois. In addition, Tim has managed numerous wind prospecting and met-tower installation projects.

Pete Dowling

Consultant, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Pete is responsible for contracting and construction planning services. Pete specializes in the erection of temporary and permanent tall structures, and construction of foundations for turbines. He has worked on several met-tower and wind projects in Jamaica, St. Kitts, and Florida. Pete has Bachelors in Civil Engineering.

Arturo Romero-Paredes

Consultant, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Mr. Romero-Paredes is one of Mexico’s leading renewable energy specialists, with over three decades of experience in the fields of solar and wind energy. He has imparted over 200 courses during the last three decades, to governmental, educational and private sector industrial audiences on a wide array of renewable energy technology topics. As subject matter expert, Mr. Romero-Paredes has also published more than 120 articles in Mexico and in many international publications, focusing principally on renewable energy.