IWE Partner Program

Tired of steep upfront fees?

  • IWE will partner with you on qualified projects.
  • The proposition is very clear: You will not pay steep upfront costs. IWE will share the risk with you until a project is financed.
  • For qualified projects, IWE may continue the investment until commissioning.

Unsure about bankability of wind project?

  • IWE has strong credentials in all aspect of wind resource measurement and assessment.
  • IWE will let you know early if a project is not investment grade.

Unsure about financial performance?

  • IWE partner program will assess the financial performance of a wind project.
  • IWE promises a clear, thoughtful and detailed financial proforma of the project.

Unsure about next steps?

  • IWE will guide you through the steps from concept to commissioning.
  • IWE will identify the critical factors that impact success of a project and work with developer to mitigate the factors.