Presented on Tajikistan RE Zones: Methodology and Results at the RE Conference in Dushanbe on June 2.

Authored a whitepaper for USAID Power Central Asia project.  It was translated into Russian and published as booklet.

IWE participated in 3 sessions

1.  RE Zones Methodology: Case studies in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

2.  Grid integration of renewable energy

3.  Deep dive workshop on RE Zones

Participated in USAID-BADGE (Bangladesh Advancing Development and Growth through Energy) workshop on DE-RISKING RENEWABLE ENERGY INVESTMENTS.  Topics covered included:

USAID’s Power the Future (PtF) Activity organized a site visit to Kerbulak-2 wind power plant (WPP) in Kapshagay, Almaty region for 30 faculty members of Almaty University for Power Engineering and

RenPower Uzbekistan 2021 Conference.  Dec 2-3, 2021.

Presenting Managing grid integration of renewable energy in Uzbekistan: Challenges and Opportunities

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Engineering, Second Edition

Author: Pramod Jain, President, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, New York, April 2016

Links to book: 



Chinese translation:

Recent Projects

Power Central Asia

USAID/Tetra Tech

2021-04-01 - 2025-09-30
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Capacity Development for Renewable Energy Investment Programming and Implementation

Asian Development Bank, Government of Bangladesh

2019-04-01 - 2021-03-31
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Wind Power Roadmap

Asian Development Bank, Government of Myanmar

2020-09-04 - 2021-09-03
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Scale Up of Renewable Energy-II

USAID/Tetra Tech

2020-10-01 - 2022-09-30
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IWE has in-depth expertise in digitalization of the power sector, through various client projects in these areas: Digital substation and IEC 61850 standards, smart grid, demand response, digitalization of system operations, renewable energy generation forecasting, FACTS and others.  

Renewable energy projects can have a significant impact, especially as the penetration of RE grows in the grid.  We have expertise in grid integration studies using DIgSILENT, Plexos and SAM for understanding the impact of RE on static and dynamic stability of the grid, dispatchablity of conventional generation and production cost.

Forte of IWE is Bankable Wind Resource Assessment.  IWE uses the best science in the wind industry to create bankable wind assessments. We have in-depth expertise in creating detailed and accurate financial models for wind projects. We are meticulous about all aspects of the financial model, with an emphasis on modeling uncertainties.

Development of RE Zones is a cost-effective way to accelerate the development of Renewable Energy projects.  IWE utilizes GIS-based modeling tools and multi-criteria approach to identifying the most attractive RE Zones based on resource density, cost of transmission build, cost of logistics and non-overlap with environmentally sensitive areas.

IWE has in-depth expertise in creating detailed and accurate financial models for wind projects. IWE is meticulous about all aspects of the financial model, with an emphasis on modeling uncertainties.

Pramod Jain's picture

Founder and president, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Pramod is a recognized expert in the field of wind resource assessment and has an in depth knowledge of all aspects of wind energy projects. He has written a book on Wind Energy Engineering, with...

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Power Systems Engineer

Ritika is a power system engineer at IWE.  She performs power flow studies, short-circuit analysis, dynamic stability analysis and other related power system studies in DIgSILENT.  For renewable...

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Consultant, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Tim possesses expertise in the area of wind turbine foundation design, installation, inspection, damage survey, diagnosis, restoration and site management. He was the overall project manager for...

Consultant, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Mr. Romero-Paredes is one of Mexico’s leading renewable energy specialists, with over three decades of experience in the fields of solar and wind energy. He has imparted over 200 courses during the...
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Consultant, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc.

Pete is responsible for contracting and construction planning services. Pete specializes in the erection of temporary and permanent tall structures, and construction of foundations for turbines. He...

Senior Consultant and Partner

Amit is a senior advisor to various clean energy and energy efficiency technology companies.  He has 30+ years of experience in the power sector including 1) cross border energy...

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<p>Renewable energy consultant</p>

Akash is a renewable energy engineer at IWE.  His expertise is in RE resource assessment, RE zones, power flow studies, short-circuit analysis, dynamic stability analysis and other related power...

Blog Posts

In the latest 1,000 MW wind auction conducted by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), the lowest bids were Rs 2.64 (USD 0.0404) per kWh by ReNew for 250 MW and Orange for 200 MW.  To round

In Kauai island of Hawaii, AES is installing 28 MW of solar PV with 20 MW/100 MWh of battery for $0.11/kWh.  In 2015, 13 MW solar PV with 52 MWh battery from SolarCity was signed for $0.145/kWh.

GE has published a good website with all the resources related to enhancing asset performance.

US Energy Information Administration (US-EIA) reported that for the first time in about 40 years, transportation sector emitted more CO2 than the power sector.

We have always wondered if RE plants can provide frequency and voltage support to the grid,  First Solar is making the case:

Yesterday, the Block Island wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island was commissioned and started powering homes in the island.