Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED)

Client name: 
US Agency for International Development (USAID)/Tetra Tech ES, Inc.
Start date: 
July, 2013
End date: 
June, 2014

Under the ICED Project, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc. is subcontracted to perform work on Indonesia Wind Sector Impact Assessment.

The objectives are to assist PLN (utility in Indonesia) in: (i) assessing wind resources at the proposed sites, (ii) analyzing the potential impacts on PLN’s power systems and determining the interconnection technical requirements for the proposed wind farms to ensure the security, stability, and power quality of the power grid, and (iii) recommending strategy for integrating the proposed wind farms into PLN’s power grid operation. This assignment is designed to provide detailed assessment of the potential impacts of four distinct wind power projects, and develop recommendations to help ensure that each the proposed wind farms can be interconnected and integrated into PLN’s power grids efficiently and cost-effectively.

The set of project activities involves the following main tasks:

  • Task 1: Wind resource assessment using WASP, WindPRO or Windographer based on available wind data.
  • Task 2: Impact analysis of wind farms on the power systems using appropriate power analysis software to perform power flow analysis, stability analysis and short-circuit fault analysis.
  • Task 3: Interconnection requirements for the proposed wind farms through enhancement of Java-Bali grid code.
  • Task 4: Impact analysis of proposed wind farms on grid operations by examining spinning reserve requirements, generation unit scheduling, and wind energy forecasting.
  • Task 5: Develop input for formulating technical standards for small wind power site DGs to be interconnected to PLN’s distribution networks, at 20 KV or lower.
  • Task 6: Develop requirements for connection of wind and solar projects to 70kV or higher transmission line.
  • Task 7: Review of PPA for large wind projects.

Under this project at least 4 wind projects (three proposed utility scale and one operating small-scale) will be analyzed. The projects are in islands of Java, Bali (Nusa Penida), South Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara Temur.

Authored the Wind Power chapter in the Clean Energy Handbook for Financial Service Institutions, published by Indonesia Financial Services Authority, 2014.