Renewable Energy Zones

Wind and Solar power auctions when done with RE Zones have proven to reduce the cost of renewable energy in bids.  IWE Prospecting Services provides these services:

  • Multi-criteria approach to modeling of RE Zones
  • GIS-based mapping of criteria like RE resource density, transmission grid, road network, environmentally sensitive areas, water bodies, land-use and others
  • Ranking of zones based on bands
  • LCOE calculation based scoring of RE Zones
  • Resource measurement campaign to verify the resource
  • Conducting a variety of studies: Transmission availability, land availability, bird/bats/wildlife impact, and other environmental impacts
  • Parceling of land for auctions

IWE will partner with developers and local governments to lower the cost of IWE Prospecting Services.

For detailed deliverables and process for IWE Prospecting Services contact us