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Wind deep dive workshop at the Asia Clean Energy Forum, ADB, Manila

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Pramod organized a day-long Quantum Leap in Wind deep dive workshop on June 6, 2016 at ADB headquarters in Manila, the Philippines.  The theme was Accelerating Deployments in Emerging Wind Markets.  More than 150 participants attended the workshop.


Wind data from three QLW met-masts in Sri Lanka

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Quantum Leap in Wind Power Development in Asia and the Pacific (QLW) commissioned three wind measurement met-masts in Sri Lanka in early 2015.  QLW's Sri Lanka project consists of detailed mapping of wind resource in the northern regions of the country. Three new wind measuring stations were installed in Pooneryn (80m height), Jaffna (60m height) and Kokkilai (60m height) and this ground-based wind data is now available for general public use.

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IWE wind resource assessment and grid integration work featured as Small Business Partner by Tetra Tech

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Work done by Innovative Wind Energy, Inc was featured at "Small Business Openhouse" event.  The wind resource assessment and grid integration work done by IWE as a subcontractor to Tetra Tech in Indonesia for the USAID Indonesia Clean Energy Development project is highlighted.