IWE Services


IWE reduces the risk of wind projects in the prospecting phase by deploying a comprehensive methodology to assess sites.

Wind Measurement Services for Met-Towers and SODAR

Uncertainty in wind measurement is one of the largest sources of uncertainty in a bankable resource assessment. IWE will recommend and perform optimal met-tower placements, high quality instruments on met-towers, flawless installations and setup, and rigorous data cleanup and analysis.

Detailed Wind Studies Using WindPRO

Large uncertainties are introduced due to:

  • Extrapolation from sensor heights to hub-height
  • Translation of wind speed from measured location to the individual wind turbine location
  • Prediction model used to produce a long term wind estimate from short term measurements

IWE creates detailed and accurate models to minimize these uncertainties. The associated IWE documentation is a critical part of the bankable wind resource assessment.

Detailed Financial Assessment

IWE is meticulous about the creating a detailed and accurate financial model. It includes detailed costs, revenue, and uncertainties with energy production.