IWE News/Events

At the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2014, Pramod Jain was a panelist on June 18 in the "Promotion of Utility Scale Renewable Energy Applications" session.  He spoke about challenges of developing... more


For the Energy Sector Activities IDIQ Contract of USTDA (US Trade and Development Agency), Innovative Wind Energy, Inc. is pleased to be subcontractor to Tetra Tech... more


On June 16, 2014 at the Asian Development Bank HQ in Manila, IWE is organizing Quantum Leap in Wind 2014... more


In Makassar, Indonesia from Feb 17-21, 2014, IWE conducted a workshop. The 5-day workshop covered topics related to impact of wind energy on the grid. The hands-on... more


Visited the Load Dispatching Center in Makasar, South Sulawesi


Pramod Jain will chair "Emerging Technologies and Approaches to Wind Power Integration and Mainstreaming," with presentations from Yao Hongchun of China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI),... more


Pramod Jain will chair "Panel Discussion on the Technical Issues of Wind Power Integration," with panelists Nick Miller of GE, Geoff James of CSIRO Australia, Dr Chi Yongning of China Electric... more


Quantum Leap in Wind and East Asia department of ADB are organizing the Wind Energy Integration workshop for Developing Member Countries (DMCs) with participants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh,... more


Indonesia Wind Sector Impact Assessment project will assess the wind resources, evaluate the potential impacts of wind projects on the safety, reliability, power quality and operation of the power... more


IWE is working on ADB project "Scaling Up Renewable Energy Access in Eastern Indonesia," with CastleRock Consulting. The project is in the island of Sumba. The goals are to achieve 100%... more


IWE has launched DataWizard.me, a Software as a Service (SaaS) for wind measurement data management and reporting. General Energy Corp (GEC) of Illinois uses this service for its 60 meter met-... more