IWE News/Events

Presented results of study for RE integration in Sumba with Wind Energy, Battery Storage and Flywheel Storage.  Conducted training and site visit to Sumba.


IWE has been appointed consultant for Winrock’s project with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) for the Indonesia Clean Energy – Integrated Deployment (SERIG) Project.  IWE will provide wind... more


ADB has published "Policy Enablers for Wind Energy Markets" by Bo An and Pramod Jain, as part of ... more


Three met-towers for wind measurement were installed in Sri Lanka as part of Quantum Leap in Wind program of the Asian Development Bank at:

    ... more

Two met-towers for wind measurement were installed in Mongolia as part of Quantum Leap in Wind program of the Asian Development Bank at:

  1. Ulaan... more

Pramod Jain is a consultant on ADB's technical assistance on determining tariff for wind energy and rooftop solar.  Activities include: Recommend tariff and incentives for wind energy and solar PV... more


Presentation on "Experiences from the Emerging Wind Energy Markets."  In the emerging wind energy markets there is a strong desire to move to clean energy solutions... more


The Asian Development Bank released a publication "Guidelines for Wind Resource Assessment: Best Practices for Countries Initiating Wind Development".  Pramod Jain is the lead author. It may be... more


At the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2014, Pramod Jain was a panelist on June 18 in the "Promotion of Utility Scale Renewable Energy Applications" session.  He spoke about challenges of developing... more


For the Energy Sector Activities IDIQ Contract of USTDA (US Trade and Development Agency), Innovative Wind Energy, Inc. is pleased to be subcontractor to Tetra Tech... more


On June 16, 2014 at the Asian Development Bank HQ in Manila, IWE is organizing Quantum Leap in Wind 2014... more


In Makassar, Indonesia from Feb 17-21, 2014, IWE conducted a workshop. The 5-day workshop covered topics related to impact of wind energy on the grid. The hands-on... more