IWE News/Events

IWE has been contracted to conduct a wind measurement campaign in Guyana.  This is part of the Sustainable Energy Program of Guyana, which is being developed in cooperation with the Inter-American... more


Quantum Leap in Wind Power Development in Asia and the Pacific (QLW) commissioned three wind measurement met-masts in Sri Lanka in early 2015.  QLW's Sri Lanka project consists of detailed mapping... more


Work done by Innovative Wind Energy, Inc was featured at "Small... more


At the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2015, ADB, Manila, presented this topic. High penetration of RE requires the following:

a. Identified reserve power sources that can do load following on the... more


Wind and Rooftop Solar PV tariff work was initiated in response to a request from the Government of Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) to develop a new tariff regime for... more


Presented results of study for RE integration in Sumba with Wind Energy, Battery Storage and Flywheel Storage.  Conducted training and site visit to Sumba.


IWE has been appointed consultant for Winrock’s project with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) for the Indonesia Clean Energy – Integrated Deployment (SERIG) Project.  IWE will provide wind... more


ADB has published "Policy Enablers for Wind Energy Markets" by Bo An and Pramod Jain, as part of ... more


Three met-towers for wind measurement were installed in Sri Lanka as part of Quantum Leap in Wind program of the Asian Development Bank at:

    ... more

Two met-towers for wind measurement were installed in Mongolia as part of Quantum Leap in Wind program of the Asian Development Bank at:

  1. Ulaan... more

Pramod Jain is a consultant on ADB's technical assistance on determining tariff for wind energy and rooftop solar.  Activities include: Recommend tariff and incentives for wind energy and solar PV... more


Presentation on "Experiences from the Emerging Wind Energy Markets."  In the emerging wind energy markets there is a strong desire to move to clean energy solutions... more