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Presenting at InnoWeek 2021, Nov '21, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  https://www.innoweek.uz/

The future of green hydrogen for seasonal energy storage in grids... more


Conducted Renewable Energy Zones workshop in Tajikistan under USAID Power Central Asia project.



USAID’s Scaling Up Renewable Energy webinar, Variable Renewable Energy Generation Forecasting and Integration with Dispatching: Experiences from Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan on Wednesday,... more


"I am very appreciative of Pramod Jain and the Innovative Wind Energy, Inc team's hard work and perseverance." Marina Barnett, Senior Program Coordinator, Energy Utility Partnership Program, U.S.... more


We are organizing a USAID webinar under the Scaling Up of Renewable Energy project. 

VRE generation forecasting and its integration with dispatching and market operations is explored with... more


Renewable energy grid integration in Central Asia.

See video here: ... more


"USAID’s Central Asia Regional Electricity Market Activity" was published in the October 2021 edition of QazaqGreen.  Authors: Armen Arzumanyan, Pedro Rubiou and Pramod Jain.

Russian:... more


Invited presentation on June 29, 2021 at this webinar:

https://www.trade.gov/sabit-wind-power organized by the US Department of Commerce... more


Presented at USAID organized webinar series.  See the recording here (RE Zones presentation starts from minute 29)

... more


Coauthored an article in the Renewable Energy World with the WWF team on "More wind and solar capacity could save some of the world’s most important rivers".

... more


Conducted a lecture on wind energy for MSE 8803I Class at Georgia Tech.


IWE was awarded the project and it will assist KEGOC with the IEC 61850 standard, digital technologies, choosing a pilot and preparing a roadmap.

USEA and ... more