IWE News/Events

Speaker on "Wind Energy: Maximizing return from wind installations through better wind resource assessment."  Pramod presented best practices in wind resource assessment. 



Speaker at –"Wind Power Project Development - Practical Approaches to Launching Sustainable Wind Projects." Pramod is the primary presenter at this two day working session in Bangladesh. The... more


Pramod Jain will be present at The Wind Energy Workshop, part of the St. Johns County Energy Efficiency Education Series, offering weekly sessions on cost-saving energy solutions. The series is... more


Consulting with ADB on the Quantum Leap in Wind project. The goal is to overcome challenges and building momentum with respect to wind power development in the different regions of Asia and the... more


Speaker on two topics: "Is wind energy appropriate for the developing world?" and "Dos and Don'ts of wind projects in developing world."  In the first topic, Pramod presented arguments for why... more


Speaker and organizer of –“DFCC RERED Workshop on Advancing Lender Understanding of Wind Power Project Appraisal." Pramod was the primary presenter at this two day working session with financial... more


Speaker and panel organizer at USAID SOUTH ASIA REGIONAL INITIATIVE FOR ENERGY (SARI/ENERGY) Wind Power Workshop–“Supporting Wind Power Take-off in the SARI Region."  Pramod presented at three... more


Presented a seminar on "Bankable Wind Resource Assessment," to Mechanical Engineering department and the Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.


Spoke at two sessions in Utility Scale track on: "Audible noise from wind turbines" and "Grid interconnection". Spoke in Small Wind track on "Small wind installations: Dos and Don'ts".  ... more


Pramod Jain was invited to present to Soaring Opportunities, a group of 500-plus people dedicated to collaborating to develop and leverage scalable solutions to protect the environment.


Pramod Jain was appointed invVEST Ambassador for Wind Energy.  Learn more at www.invvest.org.


Spoke at International Facilities Management Association Third Annual Industries Forum, "Sustainable Energy Solutions for Facility Managers: One-off and small wind projects," Orlando, FL.... more