Digital Substation project

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"I am very appreciative of Pramod Jain and the Innovative Wind Energy, Inc team's hard work and perseverance." Marina Barnett, Senior Program Coordinator, Energy Utility Partnership Program, U.S. Energy Association.

With USAID funding, the USEA–Central Asia Partnership provided the Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC JSC) with a comprehensive review of currently available digital substation technologies - including best international practices and SWOT analysis - and suggested an optimal technology for implementation in Kazakhstan, helped KEGOC select a substation to host a pilot application of the technology, and developed a strategy roadmap for integrating the technology throughout KEGOC’s system. 

In the long term, this will enhance the capacity of KEGOC for reliable and efficient operation of Kazakhstan’s national electric grid, improving reliability and efficiency and reducing operational costs. 

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