Tetra Tech ES, Inc.

South Asia Regional Initiative in Energy (SARI/E)

  1. Wind energy specialist
  2. Countries:  Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India
  3. Consultations to facilitate wind energy development
  4. Workshops to utility, developers, ministry and others
  5. Workshop for lenders on evaluating wind projects


Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED)

  1. Grid integration of wind energy--Power flow, short-circuit and power system stability studies
  2. Grid code for interconnection of wind projects for both distribution and transmission networks
  3. Wind resource assessment
  4. Detailed financial modeling


Power the Future (PtF)

  1. Modeling of the transmission network in PowerFactory
  2. Grid integration of variable renewable energy (VRE)
  3. Grid code for interconnection of VRE projects
  4. VRE forecasting