Electric Vehicles

Saw an interesting article on power specifications of electric vehicles.  For details see, http://www.windpowerengineering.com/featured/more-great-uses-for-wind-ge...


  1. BYD bus (from China) 40ft, 25 seater.  Two 90kW motors.  Battery capacity 324 kWh or 600 Ah, Iron phosphate batteries.  Range 150mi, top speed 43 mph
  2. BYD bus (from China) 60ft, 60 seater.  Two 180kW motors.  Battery capacity 547.5 kWh or 750 Ah, Iron phosphate batteries.  Range 170mi, top speed 60 mph
  3. Electric scooter, 59kg.  250W battery, 48V, 12 Ah.  Range 50Km at 25 Km/hr


  1. Chevy Volt.  18.4 kWh, Li-ion battery with 53 mi range with battery alone.  It also has 63 kW (84 hp) 1398 cc gasoline engine.  The total range is 420 miles.
  2. Tesla Model S.  Two models 60 kWh and 85 kWh.  It uses Li-ion 18650 commodity cells (usually found in laptops).  Panasonic is the supplier.  60kWh model has distance range of 208 miles and 85 kWh is 265 miles.