Wind Energy Development: Lessons From Countries with Successful Renewable Energy Policies

October 12, 2012 Brownbag: Wind energy development lessons from countries with successful RE policies?

Why does wind energy development policy fail? What are lessons to learn from countries with successful wind energy policies?

Wind energy policy has a thirty year history starting from early 1980s in US and EU; early 90s in India and China; early this century in Brazil, and South-east Asia. The QLW-sponsored brownbag on October 12, 2012 at ADB Headquarters elaborated on the evolution of various types of policies—Feed-in Tariff, Quota-based policies, and other market-based policies. None of the countries got the policy right in the first iteration. Based on experiences in different countries, there is no recipe for a perfect policy or a perfect combination of policies. This presentation by Dr. Pramod Jain, President, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc. and ADBs international consultant on Wind Energy QLW TA addressed the lessons learned from 30 years of wind related policies around the World