Sustainable Energy Program for Guyana/Wind measurement and resource assessment

Client name: 
Government of Guyana, Inter-American Development Bank
Start date: 
October 2015
End date: 
February 2016

Government of Guyana has embarked on a non-conventional Renewable Energy Technologies (RET) program.  One of the components of the RET program is to assess the wind energy potential in Guyana.  This will be accomplished through installation of 4 meteorological towers for measurement of wind and other weather related parameters.  With one year of measurement data from the four towers, a detailed wind resource assessment and wind resource map can be developed.  This analysis will assist in identifying areas with the highest wind potential in Guyana, and subsequently assist with the determination of financial viability of wind generation.  This project is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.

  1. Select 6 sites for wind measurement
  2. Supervise and inspect met-mast installations
  3. Create quarterly wind data reports and conduct wind resource assessment
  4. Conduct training and capacity building