Quantum Leap in Wind for Asia and the Pacific (QLW)

Client name: 
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Start date: 
April, 2012
End date: 
April, 2017

Under the QLW Project, Innovative Wind Energy, Inc. is contracted to perform work on enabling wind energy development in Philippines, Mongolia and Sri Lanka.

The objectives are to accelerate wind energy development in Asia and the Pacific, with a focus on countries with large untapped wind power potential.

The set of project activities involves the following main tasks:

  • Task 1: Wind roadmap development in collaboration with all stakeholders: Ministry of Power, private developers, utility, regulators and others.
  • Task 2: Wind resource assessment: Develop long-term wind measurement campaign and install up to 4 permanent met-masts in each country.
  • Task 3: Knowledge and capacity building: Build expertise in wind resource assessment, financial analysis, grid integration, and all aspects of wind project development.
  • Task 4: Pre-feasibility studies: Develop studies to attract private investors, if none exist.
  • Task 5: Business/financial models and contracts: Assist in development of licensing guidelines, feed-in tariff models, financial models for wind projects and standard contracts.

Highlights of the project are:

  • Philippines: Developed three-party MOU with private developers, Ministry of Energy and ADB to collect privately measured wind data for the purpose of updating wind resource map of the country. Initiated collaboration with NREL & USAID to update wind resource map of country based on new measurement data.
  • Philippines, Mongolia, Sri Lanka: Prepared international bid documents for procurement of twelve 60 meter permanent met-towers and instruments, installation/commissioning services and data management services in order to collect high quality long-term reference wind data.
  • Philippines, Mongolia, Sri Lanka: Organized and conducted workshops and training to wind energy association, local utility and government officials.
  • Mongolia: Delivered technical assistance program to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) of Mongolia. Developed wind project financial assessment model and wind resource assessment checklist for ERC to evaluate wind projects for licensing. Evaluated options for market-based policies in addition to existing feed-in tariff mechanism for wind projects.
  • Sri Lanka: Prospected northern and north-eastern region of Sri Lanka for wind potential, areas that had not been analyzed. Developed wind measurement campaign to study wind resources.

Photos: Mongolia, Philippines and Sri Lanka