IoT and Smart Grid deep dive workshop co-organized by IWE at ACEF 2017

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The IoT and smart grid deep dive workshop was attended by more than 50 participants.  There were two main conclusions of the session.  One, IoT promises to have a big impact in the power sector because it has the potential to significantly reduce cost, increase efficiency and increase customer service in the face of large penetration of distributed generation and customer focus on reducing energy use.  Second, successful deployment of IoT cannot be technology centric, it needs to be holistic with a solution design that takes into account local context, process changes and financing models.  The outcomes may be of interest to participants interested in high penetration of RE, energy efficiency and microgrids. In this session two ideas were pitched: Mesh grid for remote locations and blockchain for trading of renewable energy. For more information participants can contact Arun Ramamurthy of ADB or Pramod Jain of Innovative Wind Energy.

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